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You are in a lot of pain.  Maybe you are having flashbacks, or anxiety,  or panic attacks.  Maybe you can't get out of bed because of crippling Depression.  Your friends and family can't understand why you don't just snap out of it.  But you can't.

You have the belief that now you are unloveable or damaged,  or somehow just not good enough no matter what you do.

I can help.  Through talking, playing, EMDR or Art,  you can actually adapt your thinking to a more positive present-day belief structure.

With both adults and children, I use creative modalities such as Drama, Art, Playtherapy Sandtray,  Puppets, Music, and Movement steeped in the  Bio Psycho Social Theory of Human Behavior.

Trauma, Dissociative Disorders, Anxiety, Depression
ADHD, Behavioral Issues, Sensory Processing, Social and Emotional Functioning
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